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The plate made by Sanserif Creatius inspire by the cuisine of Bern Knöller will be exhibited in the Instituto Cervantes of Milán during the Salone del Mobile abril 14, 2015

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The Instituto Cervantes of Milan – Via Dante, 12 – will welcome the exhibition of the plate Ufer of Sanserif Creatius, from April 14 to the 24. It is inspired by the cuisine of the chef Bern H. Knöller, taking part in the exhibition “Diseño al plato” that will be part of the cultural acts parallel to the Salone Internazionale del Mobile di Milano.

Ufer – seaside in German – is an eccentric plate, made in high-purity glass from Villena (Alicante), mainly aimed to jewellery. The rim is the canvas that takes in the exclusive culinary creation of the chef that has been awarded with a Michelin star, Bern H. Knöller; mellow rice with eel, beetroot and dill.


Ufer was handmade by glassmaker Sara Sorribes, and by designer and creative director of Sanserif Creatius, Ana Yago. It evokes the meeting point between the sea and the sand, made to present a local recipe by the chef of the restaurant RiFF of Valencia, and, at the same time, recreates a seaside, that diffuse and ethereal space impregnated by sea foam and salt, always present on the visual memory of the Mediterranean coast, as explained by Ana yago.


The inclination of the well of Ufer makes it perfect for this gastronomic proposal, playing with the image of a shore, limit between the imagination of the plate and the space that harbours it. This creates a innovative visual effect, but, above all, allows the consumer to gather and pick up even the slightest remain of food without an effort, since the main goal of the design is to improve the functionality of the object, according to Ana Yago. A minimalist plate which aim is not to be a decorative object in itself, but to extol its content.


This unique piece is part of the exhibition “Diseño al plato”, a selection of 14 recepients specifically made for the occasion by creators of the Association of Designers of the Valencian Community (ADCV) for other culinary innovations of well-known chefs, as is the case of Vicente Patiño, Alejandro del Toro and Bernd H. Knöller, among others, made by artisans of the Crafts Centre of the Valencian Community.



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