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WIDN: Sanserif Creatius converts Valencian Circle of Fine Arts into Món gastro-bar febrero 2, 2012

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The facility, spanning over an area of 600 square metres, was previously home to the Valencian Circle of Fine Arts. It comprises an industrial concrete floor, brick walls and wooden slabs. The look is complemented by murals representing the landmarks of various cities such as Tokyo, New York, Sydney and London. The walls of the building are adorned with architectural symbols of the cities which reach the ceiling with beams of multiple tones.

The San Vicente street, which serves as the main access from the outside, features a cocktail-bar. The bar faces a quick tasting space sporting folding tables as well as bar stools made of Solxluna leather. The left of the building features a private zone. The area consists of sofas bearing a classic American or British undertone including the Chesterfield sofa, cardboard seats as well as eco-grandfather clocks. More at WIDN.



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